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Listing Alert was created to revolutionize the real estate industry. While we know that’s ambitious, we believe that the breakdown of communication is the biggest hurdle to collaboration, productivity, and ultimately, your brokerage’s success.

Listing Alert facilitates instant communication through our easy-to-use mobile app, seamlessly connecting all agents across your brokerage to coming soon listings. Real estate agents within a brokerage can share properties before they go public on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Listing Alert’s matching feature also lets agents create homebuyer profiles, and instantly matches buyers with sellers.

Together with Bitwise Industries, our parent company headquartered in Fresno, California, our team is dedicated to helping brokerages across the United States succeed in any housing market — whether it’s hot or cool, or a buyer’s or seller’s market. Today, Listing Alert is partnered with brokerages throughout the country, from boutique offices to large, multi-city brokerages. Meet our team of talented professionals who can help boost your brokerage productivity and sales.

Linda Yacoub headshot

Linda Yacoub

Chief Executive Officer

Linda's commitment to the personal and professional growth of herself and the people around her has contributed to 12+ successful years as a leader in the real estate industry. As Product Officer of Listing Alert, Linda draws on her experience working for a Fortune 5 company, and as the long-time MLS Executive for the Fresno Association of Realtors, where she shaped and deployed technology solutions for over 4,000 agents. In her current role, Linda is ultimately responsible for all aspects of Listing Alert's operations and rapid growth.

Nicole Leisle headhshot

Nicole Leisle

Chief Operations Officer

As COO, Nicole is dedicated to growing and scaling Listing Alert, and she works closely with leadership to develop strategic plans as we expand into new markets. As a results-focused leader, Nicole brings nearly 2 decades of experience, from overseeing marketing campaigns to forming a strong team. In her free time, Nicole enjoys reading and being outdoors with her husband and kids.

Michelle Talley headshot

Michelle Talley

Director of Customer Success

As Head of Customer Success at Bitwise Industries, Michelle oversees all implementation and support for Listing Alert customers. Backed by a successful and award-winning management career at a Fortune 50 advertising and software firm, she is committed to making the onboarding and support experience as seamless and valuable as possible to our clients. Outside of work, Michelle is a mom (to a fantastic young girl), Rotary President in her community, and a Realtor™. Her motto is, "A little beach time fixes everything."

Rachael Cahill headshot

Rachael Cahill

Sales Operations Manager

Rachael was a champion for Listing Alert long before joining our team as Sales Operations Manager. After working at a startup on the Central Coast, Rachael joined Guarantee Real Estate and would add coming soon listings to the whiteboard — and eventually, on Listing Alert. She immediately saw the software’s value and trained agents in using the app, and she brings that same excitement into her conversations with agents and brokers. You can find Rachael enjoying the outdoors and cheering on her favorite sports teams, especially the ones her daughter plays for.

Katrina Riggs headshot

Katrina Riggs

Marketing Director

Katrina’s role as Marketing Director is a balancing act of strategy and creativity, and she leads her team in overseeing Listing Alert’s brand voice and vision across various marketing efforts. With 15 years of experience in developing award-winning campaigns, Katrina ensures that Listing Alert’s value resonates with brokerages and agents. Outside of the office, Katrina enjoys wine tasting, traveling and baking desserts for her family and friends.

Alex Gutierrez headshot

Alex Gutierrez

Lead Engineer

Alex is Listing Alert’s Lead Engineer, and his software development expertise pairs perfectly with his passion for startups. A Bitwise Industries developer since 2016, Alex uses his experience in leading a variety of projects to scale Listing Alert, and his goal is to grow the app into a well-known, trusted tool in the real estate industry. Outside of startup life, Alex has been coaching soccer for 15 years, and he’s currently the head coach for the Sanger High School varsity boys team.

How we started

Listing Alert was created in 2018 by two real estate agents who saw an opportunity for technology to greatly improve several mission-critical yet outdated aspects of the real estate industry. With the idea in hand, it was during a cross-country road tour, visiting with dozens of brokers and hundreds of agents, when it became clear that the challenges their solution addressed were universal to all.Having created the initial product and quickly winning their first handful of customers, Listing Alert then teamed up with the Venture Studio housed within technology leader, Bitwise Industries, headquartered in Fresno, CA. Now, with their combined expertise and resources, the Listing Alert team and Bitwise Industries are together rapidly and thoughtfully growing the company's CRM software and mobile app to maximize the value delivered to agents and brokers nationwide.

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