Don’t Give Up, Follow Up: Writing Great Follow-Up Emails

When we found out that 44% of salespeople give up after a first follow-up, this blog was a must-write.

Agent communication is incredibly important in all aspects of your business. Client-agent communication, however, is arguably the most important. If you don’t have clients, you don’t have a business.

Follow-up emails help you get potential clients’ attention and bring them one step closer to choosing you.

The Importance of Follow-Up Emails

A follow-up email keeps you top of mind with your lead. Following up with a few details about your meeting shows they’re not just a number. On top of cementing your relationship, you’ll get those leads into a CRM and in a drip campaign that can keep you connected down the road.

5 Key Elements of a Strong Email

In order for your follow-up emails to be effective, your leads need to open, read, and engage with them. Here are some tips to make sure your follow-up efforts are noticed:

Write Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

Subject lines matter. If your clients aren’t curious or perceive that your email is valuable, they’re not going to open it. You can write good subjects by:

  1. Adding the prospect’s name
  2. Pointing out properties in their desired location
  3. Answering a question

Don’t Bury The Lede

Get to the point. Your clients are busy (and so are you). Be clear about why you’re emailing them within the first couple of lines.

Personalize It

People will feel special and heard if you personalize your follow-up emails to them. Use the FORD (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams) method to guide the personalization.

Give Them Clear Next Steps

Give the prospect the next appropriate step that moves them closer to their goal. Then encourage them to set up a meeting to talk about moving forward in their journey with you. By including a link to call or schedule a meeting with you, you’ll stand out from other agents.

Give Thanks

Thank the prospect for reading and that you look forward to their response. Let them know you are excited to take the next step in their real estate journey together.

When should you follow up??

Some people recommend following up ASAP, while others recommend waiting a day. Zillow recommends:

  • 1 follow-up email in the first 3 days
  • 3 in the first week
  • 6 in the first month
  • 8 in the next 3–9 months

This helps keep you top of mind with your prospects. People get a ton of emails a day. Following up multiple times in the first week provides several opportunities to be seen by your prospects.

Don’t get discouraged if they’re not responding, though. Continue the sequence. Remember: 44% of salespeople give up after 1 follow-up. People need several interactions before they build enough trust to want you as their agent. Continue following up and you never know what will happen. We know of agents who followed up for 7 years before the first deal from the prospect came. Do you have that endurance in your email follow-ups?

Jump-Start Your Email Follow-Up

It can be difficult to find the time to sit down and write new emails when you’re busy running around making deals happen. That’s why we compiled a couple of resources you can use to find some email follow-up templates that you can personalize. Templates will help you spend less time writing and perfecting and more time closing more deals.

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